Sewing Ballet Ribbons

Sewing ballet ribbon: Step by step instructions

1. Begin with your MDM ballet shoes.

2. In the MDM Motion Ribbon pack, there will be 4 lengths of ribbon. 2 for each shoe.

You will see that from the centre elastic, one end of the ribbon is shorter than the other. The side that should be sewn to the shoe should measure approx 23 cms.

Sewing this way will assist in the correct alignment of the elastic around the back of the achilles (roughly) once tied around the dancer’s foot.

Please note: The neatly stitched side of the ribbon is to be facing outward when worn.

3. The ribbons can be positioned in between the elastics that are already attached to the shoes. It is a personal choice as to whether you leave the elastics on or cut them off.

4. Sew the ribbon to the inside elastic. Avoid puncturing the outer shoe leather or canvas.

5. The end result is two ribbons securely sewn on to each shoe ready to be tied around the foot!

✨Good luck ✨

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