An Incovenient Shoe

An inconvenient shoe.

It’s a well known truth that new information, the kind of information that compels change, can be inconvenient.

Because such information can get in the way of the status quo, of what we’ve always done, challenging what we think we know and feel comfortable with.

And while some embrace new information and change as exciting and inspiring, others might tend towards digging in their heels or putting their heads in the sand.

At MDM we’ve recently returned from the IADMS* conference in Helsinki, the world’s largest annual gathering of dance related health practitioners and were thrilled with the reaction MDM received. 

Physiotherapists, podiatrists, researchers, company health teams, engaged teachers etc. were surprised and excited to learn for the first time about MDM, engage in fascinated conversation about the innovations and trial the range to experience the difference for themselves. 

And while their over-whelming excitement may not represent the everyday “norm”, their excitement is definitely our inevitable shared future.

Convenient or not, change is here. 

*International Association for Dance Medicine and Science.

MDM – built on our deep respect of the past, developed on the best knowledge of today, crafted for the dancers of tomorrow.

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