Turners, Jumpers & Dreamers

A three-part interview with LISA HOWELL How is it that dancers often come to be defined, or self-define early in their dance careers as either

Jasmine Henry

Making history on the road to Russia If you’re involved in dance in Australia you’ve likely heard the name Jasmine Henry mentioned in dance related

Aspiring to failure

“Failure is success in progress.” ~ Albert Einstein I first heard this line many years ago yet found myself reflecting on it more deeply recently

Stephanie Kurlow

A life on purpose For most of us, we dance because it feels good. Because there are some thoughts, some feelings and some relationships we

The Mighty Corps

There’s a great deal of focus on soloists or leads in any work and rightly so. It’s often through the prism of an individual’s journey that we connect as an audience

Remi Wörtmeyer

A Creative Life – interview with an artist Dancer, choreographer, painter and now sculptor, Remi Wörtmeyer is one of Australia’s most successful international artists. Crediting

Incredible Studio Creativity

Adversity is an opportunity for creativity, because it forces one to dig deeper and discover something new about oneself. ~ Paul PT Wong It goes

Dancer Insight – Amy Hollingsworth

Dancers who shaped me. Amy Hollingsworth Amy Hollingsworth is an award-winning dancer, director, choreographer and mentor and was appointed Artistic Director of Australasian Dance Collective

Safe Dance Practice At Home

THE SAFE DANCE CHECKLIST “When we are unable to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” We’ve put together the following guide for

The Colour Of Ballet

THE COLOUR OF BALLET What difference does a shoe make? “If you’re not part of the solution, then you’re part of the problem” The Black

In Conversation – Stanton Welch

In conversation with STANTON WELCH Riding the Dragon This interview was conducted by phone on July 29th, 2020 Stanton Welch AM is one of Australia’s

Dance. Not About The Body

While it might sound counter intuitive, in a way dance isn’t about the body.  While it’s well understood that gymnasts tend to excel and peak


The story you may not have heard… “I want to personally thank you Tim, for helping me get back on the stage. MDM’s aided that

Innovations In Dance

Without tradition, art is a flock of sheep without a shepherd. Without innovation, it is a corpse. ~ Winston Churchill Innovation. It’s a buzz word

Dance For Life

A series that seeks to peer into the future of the dance studio. I believe we may be at an interesting turning point, on the

RAD Australia

IN CONVERSATION with Rebecca Taylor, National Director of RAD Australia & Kathryn Hughes, National Examinations Manager of RAD Australia This interview conducted by Josef Brown


Dance Competitions. Yes/No? How many is too many? We appreciate we’re not the first to raise this topic – and nor will we be the

Legacy Kirsty Martin

“Carve your name on hearts, not tombstones. A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you.” ~ Shannon

Our Dance Circle

Stories of inspiration. We’re so fortunate in dance to be surrounded by inspiring stories. Young people reaching the heights of artistic achievement, over-coming obstacles to

Language Matters

Pull Up! I need you to give 150%! Pretty faces. Smile! Many dancers would have heard phrases like these regularly in class and/or during rehearsals.

Teaching Work

How to get teaching work and stay successful. Some advice for those interested in getting teaching work at a studio, from the point of view

Support Local

Back to Dance is here! At this exciting time of year we’d like to ask that you choose to support your local dancewear store for

Missing The Point(E)

IT’S THE STORIES YOU WON’T HEAR. The MDM range is footwear that’s been designed to specifically promote, not only supreme comfort and beauty, but safe

Our Core

Core strength vs Core stability Everyone is talking about the importance of “core”. It is a hot topic both in and out of the dance


The trouble with hamstrings… It’s the age old story… you have worked hard on your stretching, you feel that you are finally getting somewhere, when


“A picture is worth a thousand words.” Images are powerful. We see them everywhere – on T.V. advertising, in magazines, on the sides of buses,

Practice For Progress

Tip from Simone Goldsmith The more work you put in before the big day, whether it be an exam or a performance, the more confident

Fight Versus Flow

By Josef Brown Working smarter, not harder I responded recently to a post on a teachers Facebook page that had suggested that every dancer needs

Dealing With Performance Nerves

Tip from Simone Goldsmith Feeling anxious of nervous before a performance is absolutely normal, it is just the adrenalin running through your body in excitement

Controlling Hyperextension

Lesson One: Hyperextended knees& how to control them. Here’s the deal: the term ‘flexibility’ refers to muscles while the term ‘hypermobility’ refers to ligaments.  Muscles and ligaments are two distinct

Intrinsic Muscles Of The Feet

Training the foot muscles is as important as developing the muscles in the rest of a dancer’s body. Well-developed feet are important for all dancers,

How To Approach Auditions

Tip from Simone Goldsmith Auditions are a very important part of a dancers’ life, at an audition dancers need to show versatility, technical skill and

Dancing Through Pain

“Pain has an important function” Pain is the body’s way to force you to pay attention to something that is not right, something that is

Heal Yourself And Move Series

Heal Yourself and Move A former dancer with Queensland Ballet, with experience as a strength and conditioning coach for The Australian Ballet School, Zac has

Top Tips For Winter

OUR TOP 4 TIPS FOR STAYING HEALTHY THROUGH WINTER Eat balanced meals While reaching for a sugary quick-fix is tempting – and might provide a

Posterior Ankle Pain

Pain at the back of the ankle is one of the most common complaints I see in dancers. The position of full plantar flexion (plantar

Exploring Flexibility With Lisa Howell

Training with Lisa Howell  Episode Four: Exploring Flexibility In this episode Lisa Howell discusses flexibility issues and how each person’s individual restrictions alter the way

Stress, Dance And The Body

Talk to anyone and you will be hard pressed to find someone who does not think their life is, to some extent, stressful. We live

Foot Stretching With Lisa Howell

Training with Lisa Howell  Episode One: Foot Stretching Lately there has been a lot of discussion about foot stretchers and whether dancers should use them

“This unique and innovatively designed shoe gives an aesthetically pleasing line and is an ideal shoe for a young dancer’s “growing” foot. It provides anatomical support while improving alignment of the lower leg.”

Janne Blanch, Teacher of Ballet & Allied Studies VCASS.