Practice For Progress

Tip from Simone Goldsmith

The more work you put in before the big day, whether it be an exam or a performance, the more confident you can be in knowing that it will come together for you. In simple terms, you get out of it, what you commit to it.

Mastering any physical skill takes practice. Practice is the repetition of movement with the goal of improvement, and it helps us perform with more ease, co-ordination and ultimately, confidence.  

To perfect a combination to the best of your ability, your body needs constant focused repetition to apply to your muscle memory to enable a flow. 

The professional dancers that you see that can make things look effortless, do so because of the hours of work that they put in prior to their performance. They can be working up to 50 hours a week rehearsing their solos, co-ordination is built on gradual improvement, brought by constant repetition. 

  • Practice your teacher’s corrections in between each class and/or rehearsal so that you can build on your technique, stamina and artistry.
  • Remember, it’s the focus and the quality of your practice that counts, if your body is tired, perhaps it would be a good time to focus on your port de bras. Remember there are many parts of the puzzle that need to co-ordinate to make an enchainment or an entire solo flow through, be sure to take the time to focus separately on certain areas, so that nothing is left undone. 
  • Prior to the exam/competition be sure to take some time to yourself to visualise just how you’d like the performance to go – imagine it from the moment you step out on to the stage until the end of your curtain call. 

You’ve done the work, now it’s time to enjoy!!! 

We have the perfect shoe for your next performance or exam.

The Intrinsic Profile Performance

The Intrinsic Profile Performance brings all the MDM technology together in a stretch material shoe, optimised for performance. 

Photography by Taylor Ferne Morris

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