Heal Yourself and Move

A former dancer with Queensland Ballet, with experience as a strength and conditioning coach for The Australian Ballet School, Zac has developed the Heal Yourself & Move method as a way of bridging the gap between traditional therapies and conditioning work so that it can be directly related and accessible in any dance technique.

Part 1
Focuses on the range, flexibility and strength of the intrinsic muscles of the feet with direct application to technique through integrating whole body movement.

For more information on Zac’s Heal Yourself & Move 4-Week Foundation course, please go to: https://www.healyourselfandmove.com.au/…/4-week-foundation

Part 2 of our Introductory series with Zac Jones, looks at how to improve depth and softness in plies, with application to improved jumps and landings.

In Part 3 of our Introductory series with Zac Jones, Zac focuses on how to improve your range in turnout.

Part 4 – Today Zac looks at how to achieve lightness and grace in your port de bras.

Part 5 – Today Zac explains how to improve your lines in arabesque.

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