MDM Muse, Juliet Doherty

Juliet Doherty X MDM

We asked Juliet the following question;

“Why do you dance, what is your great motivator?”


“I’ve always followed my gut, something like curious intuition.

I tend to chase the path that cultivates more of my artistry and emotional intelligence verses trying to fit myself into a mould.

The more creative choices we make, the more we get to experience ourselves.

I have fallen in love with that and I feel like I am getting to know myself better and better each day.

Ballet technique and the execution of steps asks for a certain discipline.

Not being in the structure of a company does not relegate me to being any less of a dancer.

It is in the expression that we find our moments of total freedom.

I will always choose to follow freedom to this place of honesty.

Here, we elevate ourselves and our audience to a richer shared humanity.” 



MDM Muse, Juliet Doherty.

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