Why MDM?

Why MDM?

It’s always a good question. And at MDM we’re very positive about any questions you ask, because we too love questions. For us the foundational questions of MDM are: 

Why do companies keep making ballet shoes the way they’ve always been made? Why not make them better?

So, why MDM? Why change? Why pay the extra few dollars? Why buy them in store, instead of online? Why buy them from a recommended quality retailer instead of down the road at your local Supermarket?

Here are the answers:

Why MDM? MDM have developed the world’s most advanced footwear for dance. The designs are founded on a deep respect for the traditions of yesterday, developed using the best knowledge of today and intelligently crafted for the dancers of tomorrow. Supremely beautiful and comfortable, they’re the most supportive, corrective and protective footwear for dance available … anywhere!

Why change?  Because you deserve better. You deserve better than doing things the way they’ve always been done. You deserve to have someone stand up and ask; can I assist dancers to dance longer and stronger? And you should change because, when new information updates our view of the world, when the older information becomes redundant and is shown to be less useful, then we should change our perspectives and grow. It’s how we learn and progress forward both as individuals and as a society. 

Why the extra $$? Because typically quality costs a little more. And to put it more simply; it costs us more to bring you these innovations. It costs more to help protect your feet. But it’s an investment, one we firmly believe you’ll see re-couped many times over in reducing your injuries and helping you enjoy your dancing longer. 

Why buy in store? Because in a dance shoe, arguably more than any other item of clothing, the fitting really matters. So get them fitted by someone who knows what they’re doing, who understands the demands placed on your feet during classes, performances and exams and appreciates how a well fitted MDM shoe can help.

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