The Protract Curve is the latest addition to our jazz shoe line up, specifically designed for performance.

The  design was in part motivated by the movement towards wearing black business socks to rehearse and perform jazz, lyrical and contemporary. Understanding this shift, the Protract Curve represents the perfect synthesis between what is functionally optimal for our dancing body coupled with the feel of being as connected to the floor as possible. 

This latest exciting addition to our jazz shoe range, is specifically designed for performances, exams and also as the most progressive Teacher’s shoe on the market.

Slipping on with an effortless sock-like fit, seamlessly incorporating the MDM Dance Base Support technology, the shoe provides every dancer all the support they need, the comfort they want while helping promote a stronger, less injury prone body.

Child and Adult Sizing – full sizes only

John Byrne, one of Australia’s most revered dance teachers and creator of the CDA Syllabus highly recommends our shoes to his students, and also finds the Protract Curve the most comfortable and supportive shoe to teach in.

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