Caring For Your MDM Miram Tights

Caring for your MDM Miram Tights

When you purchase a pair of MDM Miram Tights, we want to make sure that they are being cared for to ensure you get maximum wear out of each pair!

Step 1. Hand wash in cold water using a mild detergent.

Step 2. Gently wash your tights. Make sure that you don’t rub vigorously.

Step 3. Hang your MDM Miram Tights on a drying rack, don’t put them in a clothes dryer (they will shrink!)

Step 4. To prevent runs and pilling, avoid rough surfaces such as concrete, carpet and gravel.

Here is an image for you to download, save it to your phone or print it off to pin up in the laundry for a quick reminder!

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