Mind Body Dancer®

Have you heard about this progressive approach to health and wellbeing for the dance community?

We think it should be a requirement at all major dance institutions, an innovative movement experience to help improve your dancing – you can’t go wrong!

Years ago, a program like this would have been laughed at, but now, with education and awareness on just how important a healthy mind directly related to a healthy body – methods such as this should be embraced.

Mind Body Dancer® classes are anatomically and energetically themed, incorporating alignment-based, breath-focussed yoga into a unique movement experience that emphasizes: injury prevention, investigation of individual alignment, overall mind/body wellness, application of the principles of yoga to fine-tune technique and increase level of performance.

TaraMarie Perri created Mind Body Dancer® with the mission to bring wellness to the dance and performing arts community. This curriculum has been incorpirated into the professional training programs of New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, Joffrey Ballet School and Dance New Amsterdam.

The Mind Body Dancer® takes it innovative curriculum and blends it with an elite teaching community introducing a mindful approach to training performers of all backgrounds and ages. By teaching greater awareness of the mind and body connection potential in performers while at the same time fine-tuning the body. 

For our US and European readers, details on bringing TaraMarie Perri and the Mind Body Dancer® curriculum or master classes to your dance, performing arts of yoga program, contact info@mindbodydancer.com

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